Thursday, 14 October 2010

Weigh in Result!

I'm quite happy to say that i stayed the same after the week i had food wise!
In fact I'm bloody lucky! Had a hugeee pig out Wednesday night with a meal out and then cinema and sweets!!
I'm putting it all down to the fact that Ive had 2 weeks off work as well so i wouldn't normally do this on a normal working week ( Roll on Sunday when I'm back at work lol).
On a good note i filled my card up!! yayyy the 1st time ever!! normally i don't even get to 8 weeks before i give up.. I'm sooo happy that i have stuck to this, im really starting to notice the benefits of it now and Ive never been happier!
I'm getting a bit annoyed with my leader though, been waiting 3 weeks for my 50lb certificate and this week she said that it has come but shes left it at home!! I really need that to stick on my fridge to spur me on a bit more, Hopefully she will have pulled her finger out next week, need these silly little things to keep me going!
Also I'm umming and ahhing whether or not to join the monthly pass but i might hold it out until this new plan take hold as u may get the free starter pack off that they used 2 have, but this time the new one.
Anyway that's enough of me babbling on lol xx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Forgive me Father for i have sinned!!!

Argghhh!!! well i went for that Indian that i mentioned in my last post and did not make any "sensible" choices whatsoever!! I do feel quite guilty this morning actually :(.
I daren't even attempt to count the points for a chicken biriyani, 5 mini onion bahjees and a naan bread.... oh and a pickle tray complete with poppadoms!!! arghhh!!!
Mind you its not very often i go out and i did have a really good night!!! and i got a NSV!!! (well kinda) ha ha......... one of the waiters wanted my number and he was a very good looking Asian bloke, the only downside is that he was about 4'2 ha ha and I'm 6'0 so would never of worked ha ha!!
The funny thing was who was to be sat on the next table stuffing her face with a naan bread???? Yep my weightwatcher leader!!! ha ha you honestly could not make that up! So i guess if i do have a gain on Wednesday i cant make any poncy excuses up now!
Well Ive woken up this morning with my sore but very back on the wagon head on today and I'm gonna plan my meals ahead and try to pull back some of the damage Ive done for Wednesday!
I think to be honest the only thing that's gonna help me is my Zumba class on Monday..
I know i keep going on about Zumba but i love it so much and i look forward to every class, which is unlike me because i hate exercising soooo much!!
Wellll... i might blog again later and get some recent pics of me on here as well, so look out for cringe worthy poses ha ha xxxxx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Weigh in

Well i am happy to say i lost another 1lb this week and i am really really relieved about that after the Indian i had Saturday night, but i did my best to pull it back and it worked :)...
I'm dreading next weeks weigh in though as I've to nights out planned, Saturday and Tuesday arghhh the day before weigh in!!! But i will be good (well as good as can be) and make healthy and wise choices! Not much else to say on this post but thought id write a quick one before i go to Zumba xx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Well as much as I'd love to, i cannot give all the credit of my weight loss to weightwatchers!
Ive been going to a zumba class twice a week for 6 weeks and i love it!!!
What is Zumba you might ask?? well here's how my instructor describes it...

Zumba is a total body workout consisting of non stop hip swiveling, shoulder shimmying and fabulous footwork. This is done with unique rhythms and motivating music. The main thing is its..FUN. Some classes are intimidating, not this one you will be too busy strutting your stuff, you'll forget your actually exercising. The moves are simple to follow and the benefits are brilliant, one class can burn over 500 calories!!

Are you searching for classes near you yet??? if i was you i would be its brilliant!!
For one hour I'm dancing away to songs such as jai ho (pussycat dolls) and Waka Waka (shakira) with a class full of girls all shapes and sizes may i add!! And u know what? nobody glares and you or laughs at you because they re to busy perfecting there moves!!
I'm not one for going to the gym or swimming or exercising to be brutally honest, but i love this!! Go with your mates its a laugh and i can promise you, you will come out of that class feeling 10 times better than you did before you went in!! YOU WILL BE HOOKED!!!
Go to for a class near u........u can thank me later xxxx

Latest update! x

Arghh im back sorry its been so long!! I promise im going to post more often now!!
Well im still doing very well ive lost a total of 51lbs upto now!!! im so happy with myself, this is the longest ive stuck to a diet EVER!!!!
I feel loads better in myself everyone has noticed and im getting huggeee complements!!!
I do have bad days dont get me wrong but i do what i have never been able to do before and thats to damage limitation the days after and try to pull it back and so far it has worked..
Normally when i have bad days i cant seem to pick myself up afterwards so i just give up and get bigger and bigger, but i refuse to do that anymore!!!!!
Im a diffrent person now and i get a buzz from compliments and the buzz from them are far bigger than the buzz i used 2 get when i was stuffing a sausage roll in my mouth haha.
How do u pick yourselves up after a bad day/week??? xx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Yayyy 1st goal reached!!

I am sooo happy!! I lost 2lb tonight and i reached my 1st goal of 23st8lb i know it sounds like a silly goal but i can now start going on my wii fit and i'm not to heavy for it anymore!! YIPPPEEE!!!
I brought it to spur me on, and its done just that.. Im going to set it up tomorrow and see what all the hype is about.
On an even better note ive only got 1lb until ive lost 2st!! i honestly cannot belive how easy i am finding it. I think its because im so motivated this time and i really do feel 1000 times better in myself ive even been walking to work for the 1st time in over 3 years! It takes about 20 - 25 mins each way but i feel so much better for it.
Well thats got all the excitedness out of my system i'll update tomorrow to let you know how i got on with the wii! xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010


Here is a few pics from the last couple of years and i think you can all see the reason im losing the weight! i wanted to do it then but never and i dont know why! Im 25 now and i would be so much happier if i had lost the weight then! xx

Taken at my mates wedding (im the one on the right) i was bridesmaid, i can honestly say this was 1 of the most embarrasing days of my life! I looked hideous!! i hated myself so much that day. This was 2 years ago x
This pic was in the limo for my 21st birthday! The birthday that i wanted to lose all my weight for (which i didnt!) Taken over 4 years ago x

I hate this picture so much. This was taken last year and i was so misrable! I never ever want to go back to looking like that!

This Was me last summer about the same weight i am now keeping in mind i have lost nearly 2stone.

Feeling Good.

Well i lost another 1lb this week, i dont feel disheartened as i didnt feel like i had lost anything even though i had stuck to my points, im putting it down to the huge 9lb weightloss last week which i am still so happy about.
My mums been brilliant this week and has been out and brought to packs of lard 2 keep in the fridge as they weigh 1lb!! I cannot believe i have lost 50 of them altogether in 6 weeks.
Im at the stage now where i would normally get fed up and start "cheating" but do you know what?? I honestly dont want to! i feel so good at the min and im feeling alot better in myself aswell... Why would i want to go back to the old me??
Im going to put some pics of me on here so you can see my before pics x

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hugeeee NSV!!!!

Well... I've noticed my trousers have got really loose so i thought it would try on my work trousers (the reason for me losing weight!) and they nearly fit!! i reckon if i lose another 2 - 3 inches off my waist they will fit perfectly!
While i was trying them on i had a bag of simply be clothes that i ordered about 6 weeks ago, they didn't fit and i "forgot" to send them back, so i thought hm maybe i shall try them on... and guess what??? the Mica Paris jeggings fit!! whoop the Joe browns dress fits but is abit snug around my belly so i want to lose another few inches before i would dare wear it in public.
I am just so happy that i am seeing results for my hard work and its finally paying off! x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Well it was weigh in tonight and i lost 9lb!!! yesssss!!! I am sooo happy, i know alot of this is down to the extra long period i had and water retention but none the less 9lb is 9lb! this takes my weightloss to a total of 24lb! And i also got my 5%.
I am smiling from ear to ear! I can notice the weighloss already as my work trousers are really loose now and some other clothes are getting baggy!!
I have never found "dieting" so easy! Im going to get some before pictures taken of myself and then add a pic each month so i can keep a diary of the progress.
I am soo happy tonight! xx
p.s note to self always come back to this entry when u feel like giving up!! :-D xx

Friday, 28 May 2010

Weigh in week 4.

Well i lost another 1lb this week abit gutted actually as i have done really well and somedays ive not eaten all of my points (hmmm maybe thats why), Im actually getting abit fed up to be honest with my leaders "helpers" they keep adding up the weightlosses wrong and im sure the scales said 24st 5lb and not 24st 6lb! so that would have been a 2lb loss! ahh well i could have been wrong as i was reading upside down ha.

OOOO on another note i brought a new toy today!! I got a Tefal Actifry! im sooo excited i can cook proper healthy chips with only 5ml (a medicine spoonfull) of oil!! i tried it out tonight and the chips are lovely! i even cooked chicken in it to make my own "healthy" chicken kebabs and it was sooo nice and tender, best £144 ive ever spent! I really must add some pictures on here of what i have eaten and my fave meals.... Well im gonna scoot for now but will update again tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 24 May 2010

1st stone lost!!

Well its been ages since I've been on here, i re-joined weightwatchers 4 weeks ago and in that time i have lost my 1st stone!! I'm so excited!
I'm finding it alot easier this time around as its so hot outside and its making me really focused, I do not want to be fat for another summer!
I am going to blog alot more as I've neglected it since i started and i want this to be my diary to look back on and to see how big i actually am! I need all the motivation i can get at the min because Weightwatchers is for life and i am going to get to goal!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Hello! xx

Well I'm new to this and very excited t0 share my interests and life with all of you, I'm abit apprehensive to see what all the hype is about as I've never had a "blog" before, but I'm sure I'll find a few people to hold my hand along the way.
My main interest is make-up (i love the stuff!) and i cant wait to share new finds and tips with you all, but there will be the odd weight loss mention as I'm embarking on fighting the bulge and I'm also going to do my best to show people that u can still be beautiful whilst being overweight and obviously whilst losing the weight as well..