Friday, 28 May 2010

Weigh in week 4.

Well i lost another 1lb this week abit gutted actually as i have done really well and somedays ive not eaten all of my points (hmmm maybe thats why), Im actually getting abit fed up to be honest with my leaders "helpers" they keep adding up the weightlosses wrong and im sure the scales said 24st 5lb and not 24st 6lb! so that would have been a 2lb loss! ahh well i could have been wrong as i was reading upside down ha.

OOOO on another note i brought a new toy today!! I got a Tefal Actifry! im sooo excited i can cook proper healthy chips with only 5ml (a medicine spoonfull) of oil!! i tried it out tonight and the chips are lovely! i even cooked chicken in it to make my own "healthy" chicken kebabs and it was sooo nice and tender, best £144 ive ever spent! I really must add some pictures on here of what i have eaten and my fave meals.... Well im gonna scoot for now but will update again tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 24 May 2010

1st stone lost!!

Well its been ages since I've been on here, i re-joined weightwatchers 4 weeks ago and in that time i have lost my 1st stone!! I'm so excited!
I'm finding it alot easier this time around as its so hot outside and its making me really focused, I do not want to be fat for another summer!
I am going to blog alot more as I've neglected it since i started and i want this to be my diary to look back on and to see how big i actually am! I need all the motivation i can get at the min because Weightwatchers is for life and i am going to get to goal!!