Friday, 4 June 2010

Hugeeee NSV!!!!

Well... I've noticed my trousers have got really loose so i thought it would try on my work trousers (the reason for me losing weight!) and they nearly fit!! i reckon if i lose another 2 - 3 inches off my waist they will fit perfectly!
While i was trying them on i had a bag of simply be clothes that i ordered about 6 weeks ago, they didn't fit and i "forgot" to send them back, so i thought hm maybe i shall try them on... and guess what??? the Mica Paris jeggings fit!! whoop the Joe browns dress fits but is abit snug around my belly so i want to lose another few inches before i would dare wear it in public.
I am just so happy that i am seeing results for my hard work and its finally paying off! x

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