Friday, 11 June 2010

Feeling Good.

Well i lost another 1lb this week, i dont feel disheartened as i didnt feel like i had lost anything even though i had stuck to my points, im putting it down to the huge 9lb weightloss last week which i am still so happy about.
My mums been brilliant this week and has been out and brought to packs of lard 2 keep in the fridge as they weigh 1lb!! I cannot believe i have lost 50 of them altogether in 6 weeks.
Im at the stage now where i would normally get fed up and start "cheating" but do you know what?? I honestly dont want to! i feel so good at the min and im feeling alot better in myself aswell... Why would i want to go back to the old me??
Im going to put some pics of me on here so you can see my before pics x

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