Thursday, 14 October 2010

Weigh in Result!

I'm quite happy to say that i stayed the same after the week i had food wise!
In fact I'm bloody lucky! Had a hugeee pig out Wednesday night with a meal out and then cinema and sweets!!
I'm putting it all down to the fact that Ive had 2 weeks off work as well so i wouldn't normally do this on a normal working week ( Roll on Sunday when I'm back at work lol).
On a good note i filled my card up!! yayyy the 1st time ever!! normally i don't even get to 8 weeks before i give up.. I'm sooo happy that i have stuck to this, im really starting to notice the benefits of it now and Ive never been happier!
I'm getting a bit annoyed with my leader though, been waiting 3 weeks for my 50lb certificate and this week she said that it has come but shes left it at home!! I really need that to stick on my fridge to spur me on a bit more, Hopefully she will have pulled her finger out next week, need these silly little things to keep me going!
Also I'm umming and ahhing whether or not to join the monthly pass but i might hold it out until this new plan take hold as u may get the free starter pack off that they used 2 have, but this time the new one.
Anyway that's enough of me babbling on lol xx

1 comment:

  1. Good to see another Brit's weightloss blog.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Tim (Fat.Boy.Thin)