Friday, 11 June 2010


Here is a few pics from the last couple of years and i think you can all see the reason im losing the weight! i wanted to do it then but never and i dont know why! Im 25 now and i would be so much happier if i had lost the weight then! xx

Taken at my mates wedding (im the one on the right) i was bridesmaid, i can honestly say this was 1 of the most embarrasing days of my life! I looked hideous!! i hated myself so much that day. This was 2 years ago x
This pic was in the limo for my 21st birthday! The birthday that i wanted to lose all my weight for (which i didnt!) Taken over 4 years ago x

I hate this picture so much. This was taken last year and i was so misrable! I never ever want to go back to looking like that!

This Was me last summer about the same weight i am now keeping in mind i have lost nearly 2stone.

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