Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Latest update! x

Arghh im back sorry its been so long!! I promise im going to post more often now!!
Well im still doing very well ive lost a total of 51lbs upto now!!! im so happy with myself, this is the longest ive stuck to a diet EVER!!!!
I feel loads better in myself everyone has noticed and im getting huggeee complements!!!
I do have bad days dont get me wrong but i do what i have never been able to do before and thats to damage limitation the days after and try to pull it back and so far it has worked..
Normally when i have bad days i cant seem to pick myself up afterwards so i just give up and get bigger and bigger, but i refuse to do that anymore!!!!!
Im a diffrent person now and i get a buzz from compliments and the buzz from them are far bigger than the buzz i used 2 get when i was stuffing a sausage roll in my mouth haha.
How do u pick yourselves up after a bad day/week??? xx

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