Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Well as much as I'd love to, i cannot give all the credit of my weight loss to weightwatchers!
Ive been going to a zumba class twice a week for 6 weeks and i love it!!!
What is Zumba you might ask?? well here's how my instructor describes it...

Zumba is a total body workout consisting of non stop hip swiveling, shoulder shimmying and fabulous footwork. This is done with unique rhythms and motivating music. The main thing is its..FUN. Some classes are intimidating, not this one you will be too busy strutting your stuff, you'll forget your actually exercising. The moves are simple to follow and the benefits are brilliant, one class can burn over 500 calories!!

Are you searching for classes near you yet??? if i was you i would be its brilliant!!
For one hour I'm dancing away to songs such as jai ho (pussycat dolls) and Waka Waka (shakira) with a class full of girls all shapes and sizes may i add!! And u know what? nobody glares and you or laughs at you because they re to busy perfecting there moves!!
I'm not one for going to the gym or swimming or exercising to be brutally honest, but i love this!! Go with your mates its a laugh and i can promise you, you will come out of that class feeling 10 times better than you did before you went in!! YOU WILL BE HOOKED!!!
Go to www.zumba.com for a class near u........u can thank me later xxxx


  1. I keep meaning to try a Zumba class at my gym but never have the time. I do tap dancing though and we are always moving so that's enough for me along with the gym lol! Well done though! Laura xx

  2. aww thanks huni, tried following your blog but u dont have a follow button xx

  3. Try now hun, I had a layout which meant lots of things didn't show, changed it now to a nicer one :-) xx